Are the Kente Masks lined?
Masks made prior to 4/18/20 were not lined. However all masks made after that date are.

What sizes do you carry?
All mask are one-size and are what we consider FULL COVERAGE as seen in the picture and logo. They cover from ear to ear and land right under the eyes.

Can I return a mask?
No. However you may be able to get a new one at a discounted rate or get a new one sent out to you.

Do you carry solid prints?
No. Ankara only.

Can I get one for a child?
Yes. Please add a note to your purchase. We give 1 free per customer.

Do your masks come with filters?
No, but Gen II masks have the slots for filter inserts.

Do you wholesale?
Yes, please email for details.

Do masks come with clips?
No, masks are made with elastic bands.

Do the mask look like the images?
Digital renderings always vary slightly to the physical versions and also it depends on where the fabric was cut.

What's your turn around time?
5-7 days to make/process - typically faster depending on volume.

How many masks are in the family packs?
3 Masks.

How do I adjust my masks?
Pull elastic through tunnel and retie. If you need a longer elastic please let us know.

Can I change to prints in the family pack?