About Us | The Kente Club.Co | Jamaica + Africa

The Kente Club.Co is an Afro-Caribbean lifestyle brand serving as a tale of two worlds brought together through needle and thread. Through the usage of traditional Ankara & Kente print fabric imported from Africa and styles fresh out of the Caribbean, our brands' goal is to be a top online shopping experiences for unique, everyday Afro-Caribbean inspired clothing and accessories.

We believe it’s one thing to understand what it means to be a part of the African diaspora, it’s another to dress for every occasion, and frankly, everything doesn’t always have to be so formal and expensive. The Kente Club.Cos’ goal is to provide pieces and prices points that can be mixed and matched while simultaneously not breaking your pockets.

Specializing in the deconstruction and reconstruction of African printed clothing, denim and hardware; Join The Kente Club.Co in a new and exclusive era of modern Afro-Caribbean fashion and design.


Black owned and operated.